4 main factors to hit Google #1 page

Basic Guide, about 5 min of reading

It is known that search engines like Google makes website evaluations based on more than 700 criterias.  Modern website promotion methods cannot teach them all. 
Therefore, we give focus on the four (4) most important factors in getting into Google’s 1st page. 
These factors should be considered in managing one’s website brand and strategies for a comprehensive website setup rating growth. 
These four factors are:
1.       Internal website optimization
Below are the major criteria to fix your website internally:
·         use of unique content;
·         correct setup of page titles, descriptions, H1, Alt, etc .;
·         smart internal linking;
·         variety of images, videos, and links to social networks;
·         presence of the relevant keywords in the texts, their frequency and spam level.
In general, it means very high-quality optimized web pages. This affects your website rank level from search engines’ point of view.
2.       External factors for website promotion
External website promotion is achieved by increasing link quantity on other websites that lead to your website. Keep in mind that the following criteria are evaluated by Search Engines like Google:
·         number of links;
·         the variety and number of websites on which those links are located;
·         quality of links (how good are the websites where they are placed);
·         website credibility (marked as spam, fraud or so called “blacklisted”);
·         relevancy and theme of the websites where links are posted.
Search promotion methods are based on the fact that the more quality links from “outside”, leads to greater level of trust and rank by search engines. Consequently, this will mean raising your website rating.
3.       Visitors Behavioral Factors
Website visitors’ or Users’ behavior are consistently monitored by the Search Engines. They analyze such metrics like:
·         time spent by the user to view the pages;
·         depth of view (how many pages were viewed);
·         the number of users who visited the website more than once;
·         bounce rate (one page view only followed by quick exit or tab close)
This factor is a reminder on how important it is to keep users engaged in your website. The more useful and valuable content is, the more users are likely to be engaged.
4.       Social media factors and methods in SEO
Search engines “know” how important social networks are for modern society. Therefore, when ranking websites, they consider:


·         number of likes and clicks on the "Share" buttons on your websites or social media page;
·         the presence of groups in the social networks dedicated to this topic or website;
·         level of maintenance of these groups ( frequency of posts, number of views by visitors, etc.)
·         credibility of social networks users that are active in relation to promoted website.
Social methods of website promotion are based on the capture of relevant social signals by Search Engines. In particular, they respond best to such signals with regard to fresh content.
Remember it is (1) internal, (2) external, (3) behavioral, and (4) social
Most SEO professionals use website promotion methods based on the four (4) main factors in order to get into Google Top pages. By carefully studying all of them and having worked with your website for the most possible complete compliance, you can increase your website rating. This should significantly increase the number of visitors who may become your potential customers.


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Social Media Marketing - is the use of social media platforms and websites to promote a product or service. 


Search engines - is a software system that is designed to search for information on the World Wide Web.
Backlinks  - a link from some other website (the referrer) to that web resource (the referent).


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