How to choose domain name for your website?

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If you are going to make your own internet project, blog, online shop, etc., you need to choose a name for it. In the digital world, the name or address of the website is called a domain name. You may have some ideas already, a great design and content. In fact, you cannot wait to make it available online. But, what name should you give this project of yours?
In this article, I will describe basic rules, tips and mistakes you should avoid.
In this article, I will describe basic rules, tips and mistakes you should avoid.
Few definitions first.
What is TLD? Top-level domain (TLD) refers to the last segment of a domain name, or the part that follows immediately after the "dot" symbol. Top-level domains are also known as domain suffixes.
Who regulates the domains rules? 
The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers  (ICANN), is the organization that coordinates domains and IP addresses for the internet.
How to choose the right domain for your website
It will be much easier to choose a domain name if you decide in advance the purpose of your website. What kind of information and answers will your website give to your online visitors?
If this is a personal page or blog, then a combination of the name and the surname in any form is just perfect.
If you need to choose a domain for the company's website, then you need to follow a slightly different approach.
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Choosing a domain for your e-commerce type of online shop
In this case, you need to focus on a number of fairly simple rules:
Based on product or service you are selling. Specify it in the address of the website if your activity is focused on something or It will help your visitors approximately understand what kind of content will be within this address.


Based on your company brand. This option is suitable for large companies engaged in various activities whose owners wants to be found by brand, and not by individual products (


Based on customers’ search request. For example, In this case, you may get a huge positive impact for a search request like "where to buy fresh buko juice in Cebu". Meaning, your website might be on the first page of Google.
Some tips how to effectively choose right domain name
#1. Your selected domain name should be easy to remember for potential visitors. It can even be a meaningless combination of words as long as it’s short, creative and easy to remember.
What to do if the domain you like is already taken? First of all, it is worth checking its presence in another domain zone (if it is taken in .com, it can be still available in .org, .biz, .net, etc.).


If this option is not acceptable and you need a specific domain name -there is always a chance to buy it. If this address is simply held by the domain name investors, then the only problem can be in sales price. If this address is actively used by its owner, then you will have to convince him that you need it more than him.
variety of different domains TLDs
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When thinking about how to choose a domain for your website, do not forget about location of your business. If you sell souvenirs in a particular region, then it is logical to choose the address in the corresponding zone (
The domain name is leased for one year usually. This is good if you are not yet sure how long you will be engaged in this business, so there is no point in paying for a longer period. But if you are really serious about your business with a plan to get into the TOP of search pages and successfully work for more than one year, you should book that domain for several years in advance.
Domain names ordered for several years in advance are very well rated by search engines. They also understand that their owner is serious about his business and is ready to invest in its development.
It is advisable to avoid long names (of three words and more) that are difficult to remember and understand.


Bad examples (too long, more than 3 words): or
Good examples (easy to remember, 1 or 2 words): or
It may be hard to follow all the tips and rules in choosing the right domain name, but you should try to comply to as many as possible.


How to choose the domain zone or TLD?
note with tip to choose short and easy domain name
As mentioned earlier, to help you decide which domain zone to choose, the first thing to consider is the purpose and location of your website. According to this principle, we can highlight main categories:
International. For example, .com, .net or .org. You can register a domain in these zones if the target market of your business website is not limited to a specific country.
National. For example .ph, or assumes that your personal or business target visitors are within a specific country.
Regional. ( Perfect for a website that offers certain services in a particular region, region or city (for example, a local food delivery company).
Some of the TLDs and their explanations are as follows:
          .com – Commercial
          .net - Network organizations
          .edu - Educational organizations like schools or universities
          .org - Organizations (generally charitable)
          .pro – Professionals
 - Philippines government agencies
          .ph or – Philippines
          .eu – European Union
          .de – Germany
          .au - Australia


Full list of TLDs you may find here and here  or here
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suggestions for the personal website domain name
Selecting domain zone/ TLDs by other features
If you are choosing a domain for a personal website or a personal blog, in this case, .name is just perfect. The address of your website will look something like this: or (.pro, means “professional”, so it sounds very good for professional freelancers) Sounds like your digital business card, right?
The .info zone, as you might have guessed, is suitable for informational websites. In addition, the addresses in .info are quite cheap.
If you do not know which domain zone to choose for representation in the network of your business, it would be best to launch the website in the zones, like .com .net or .biz.
If your organization is non-profit seeking and not connected with any specific geographical area you may check the .org option.
Impact of the selected domain zone/ TLDs on website promotion
If you are trying to understand which should be the domain zone to choose in order to better promote and increase visibility in Google or other search engines, you need to know the most basic and important rule: the website theme must correspond to the theme of the zone.
Search engines pays a lot of attention to this correspondence. Therefore, if you sell mobile phones or fashion items and create a website in .limo domain zone, the search engine will be a “little surprised” and will unlikely add your website to the first pages of the search results even if it is super SEO-optimized for all important keywords and search requests.
Choosing a domain zone should be done wisely, not forgetting the regional connection.
It is prestigious to buy a domain in the .com zone, but it would be more wise to choose .vegas instead if your business activity is limited to slot machines repair services in the city of Las Vegas.
limo in the strip of las .vegas domain
Domain name impact on the SEO website promotion
If you are planning to promote your website using specific keywords and requests, try to find available website addresses in advance which will come with a visitor base. So if you are lucky, you may buy expired or just released domain name with some external backlinks.
Check for this option due to possible very high return of your investments in promotion, even if it will require special apps and some additional money.
Just in case you decide to buy an expired domain, you need to inspect it very well first. Immediate bonuses are domain age and quality backlinks. However, you may also end up erroneously buying banned domains which are marked as spam or malicious content by search engines. So you need to seriously analyze the pros and cons of buying an old domain.
You can choose a domain that includes your main business keyword request. This will take you one step closer to getting the TOP or First page by search engine ranking.
I will make a separate article about how and why you should consider buying expired domains.
What are the most popular and strongest TLDs?
The most know and popular are .com .net .org .biz .pro and national or regional like .ph or .asia.


Which domain hosting to choose to order your domain name:
One of the most known domain name service provider is Godaddy.
If you would like to check an alternative option, here some useful links provided by domains professional Kapa Sousou  (in no particular order): - user interface and ease of use. - very affordable pricing, great interface, and fast customer support. - super affordable pricing, good interface and lots of free extras such as SSL (where GoDaddy will charge you $ 60 / year), Whois privacy etc. – rock-bottom prices and a clean, easy to use interface and fast support
Whatever you end up choosing, please avoid Network Solutions at all cost.
selection of different domain name registrars
How to connect your domain name with your website CMS?
Depending on which domain hosting company you selected, you may find it very easy to connect your domain name with your website CMS. Normally, those companies have easy to follow manuals and FAQs.  I’d suggest to avoid simply researching “how to connect my domain” or “park domain” as each of domain hosting service and CMS have a slightly different control panel. However, the connection process will be quite similar. Once you sign up for the domain hosting services, you will find a menu named “DNS Management” then just follow the manual.


Short summary
Did you learn a lot today? Let’s summarize! Again, just follow 4 basic rules and you will get happier website visitors and more of them too:


#1 Creative, Short & Easy to remember


#2 Aligned to your personal or business goals
#3 Right location and correct domain zone
#4 Full name only, avoid cut words, figures and “-“
summary: how to choose domain name


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Domain nameis your website name. A domain name is the address where Internet users can access your website.
Domain registrara company that manages the reservation of Internet domain names.
Backlinks  - a link from some other website (the referrer) to that web resource (the referent).


CMS - a content management system - manages the creation and modification of digital content.
DNS - Domain Name System is a hierarchical and decentralized naming system for computers, services, or other resources connected to the Internet or a private network.
Domain Whois - a method for checking information about ownership of a domain name.


Domain Privacy - (often called Whois privacy) is a service offered by a number of domain name registrars. A user buys privacy from the company, who in turn replaces the user's information in the WHOIS with the information of a forwarding service. 
TLD - top-level domain is one of the domains at the highest level in the hierarchical DNS of the Internet. 
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