Should you trust Alexa page rank?

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Those who already know what Domain Authority, Page Authority and Citation Flow are, it's time to analyze another indicator important for websites, Alexa Rank. 
Let's start with the definition. Alexa Rank - a statistical system to rate websites Global or Domestic position based on the number of their visitors and page views.


How does it works?
For each website, Alexa Rank is calculating the ratio of its traffic indicators to similar data from other websites. In this case, data is taken only for the last three months’ period.
In contrast to the more familiar DA and PA, which all website owners are trying to increase to improve Alexa Rank, they need to lower their positions. Yes - the lower your website ranking in Alexa Rank, the better. The ranking system is designed in such a way that indicator 1 is considered the maximum possible achievement. Today, this position is taken by Google.
This indicator is calculated only for websites located on second-level domains, which is bad news for bloggers who have posted their projects on free third-level domains, kindly provided by many blog hosting sites like LiveJournal or Blogspot.
The data collection is carried out with the assistance of Internet users themselves, and only those who have a unique extension installed in their browser - Alexa Rank counter plugin.
Well, since in our area, this extension is installed by very few website owners, the traffic statistics displayed in Alexa Rank are not always accurate. Nevertheless, it reflects the general picture. 
If this extension is installed in the browser, the user has the opportunity when visiting any web resource to see his ranking in Alexa Rank (global and domestic), the number of referring domains, the speed of loading the site etc.


To obtain more detailed statistical information, you must go to the official website by the link - There, in addition to the data available and in the data extension, you can find out about any website:
• percentage of distribution of visitors by country;
• website rating dynamics over the past year;
• bounce rate;
• number of pages viewed per user;
• average daily time visitors stay on your website;
• search traffic share;
• search keywords;
• list of referring domains;
• demographics.
Why is it worth to try to improve your website’s Alexa Rank
Actually, this indicator does not directly affect the ranking in search results. Nevertheless, Alexa Rank is more relevant and essential for those who are making money from their websites by placing ads and backlinks on it.


The majority of advertisers, when choosing websites for placing ads (does not apply to context and teaser types of advertising systems), pay attention to the Alexa Rank of a website no less than to its DA and PA. The same applies to those who use the services of link exchanges to build the backlinks to their websites. Considering that the Page Rating is no longer officially updated, soon the choice of websites will be made based on only two indicators. One of which is Alexa Rank.
How to improve your website's Alexa Rank?
To lower the ranking in Alexa Rank (which will be an improvement in position), you need to perform some actions listed below:


1. Install the extension with the Alexa Rank counter in your browser.


2. The creation of an English language version of your website will help attract foreign visitors, among which will be a relatively high percentage of those who already have the desired extension.


3. Attract visitors who are associated with website building and website promotion. There is a high chance that most of them will have the Alexa Rank counter installed in their browsers. If the theme of your site is not attractive to webmasters and optimizers, you can work with the forums on which they "hang out". You need to comment more, insert a link to your web resource into comments and gently hint at the need to click on it. 
That's all. The purpose of this article was to explain in detail how Alexa Rank rating indicator works. The decision to improve it or not is one you need to make by yourself.


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ALEXA RANK WIKI - Its toolbar collects data on Internet browsing behavior and transmits them to the Alexa website, where they are stored and analyzed. This is the basis for the company's web traffic reporting, including its Alexa Rank. According to its website, Alexa provides web traffic data, global rankings, and other information on 30 million websites. As of 2018, its website is visited by over 3 million people every month.


DA (DOMAIN AUTHORITY) - a website describes its relevance for a specific subject area or industry. This relevance has a direct impact on its ranking by search engines, trying to assess domain authority through automated analytic algorithms. The relevance of domain authority on website-listing in the SERPs of search engines led to the birth of a whole industry of Black Hat SEO providers, trying to feign an increased level of domain authority. The ranking by major search engines, e.g., Google’s PageRank is agnostic of specific industry or subject areas and assesses a website in the context of the totality of websites in the Internet.[2] The results on the SERP page set the PageRank in the context of a specific keyword. In a less competitive subject area, even websites with a low PageRank can achieve high visibility in search engines as the highest ranked sites that match specific search words are positioned on the first positions in the SERPs.



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