How to setup your 404 page?

Basic Guide, about 5 min of reading

How many times have you faced with the message that the requested page does not exist while browsing the Internet? What do you usually do in this situation?
Most likely, you will close the page tab and move to another website without trying to figure out the reasons why it happened.When choosing an address for their site, quite a lot of novice owners and developers are faced with a very tempting offer - buying an old domain. 
On your own website, your visitors sometimes encounter an error 404:
- What it is? - They automatically close the tab in the browser whenever this happens. At that moment, you are losing a potential customer. This occurs because the 404 error page is not properly designed and arranged.
Why 404 page design is so important
To begin with, let's remember that a 404 error is the server’s response code due to the impossibility of displaying the document, web page or any other information primarily because it does not exist.


The most common causes of this error are:
• broken links;
• change of web page address;
• error when writing the URL in the address bar;
• page removal or deletion from the website.
Quite many options, right? Therefore, you need to know how to setup the 404 page in case a user hits it. With properly arrange 404 page your visitors will be automatically redirected to the other page instead of leaving your website.
How should a correct 404 page look?
1.       The design of 404 page should be more or less the same as that of the entire website, so that the user does not feel that he has entered another website. This creates the integrity of the virtual space in which the visitor is given the opportunity to stay on your website.



2.       Properly designed 404 page should contain a link to the main page and/or menu so that the visitor can easily return to your website without the question: “What to do next?”.
3.       404 page arranged with some humor - is one of the best ways to get the user to treat the situation with fun and convince him not to leave your website. You can use not only humorous text for page 404, but also pictures of relevant content.
This web page is perfectly suitable to express creative ideas which cannot be implemented on other pages of your website. Look for some examples of the 404 error page that we found for you on www:
5.       Unleash your Creativity! You can combine all those recommendations and make a memorable 404 page. We suggest you to use a link to the main page, search field (if you have it) or simply browse your website’s most popular articles.
6.       Do not forget to explain to your visitor why he sees your creative 404 error page. After all, not everyone knows what 404 error is about and how to behave when it appears. Kindly avoid deep technical details here. Make it short, helpful and creative.
7.       If you do not have time to create unique and funny ideas, just Google some examples using “creative 404 error pages”.
Funny and creative 404 error pages are not necessary, but they can change the attitude of visitors to your website for your benefit. And this, as you may understand, is quite a lot to help them make the right decision about a purchase or ordering some products or services from you.
Make your unique and creative 404 pages today! Good luck!


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404 error definition - error you see in your browser when your request cannot be proceeded.


Search engines - is a software system that is designed to search for information on the World Wide Web.
Backlinks  - a link from some other website (the referrer) to that web resource (the referent).


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